Sonicwall General Info -1

How to Setup Basic Sonicwall firewall?
In the meantime, if you want to limit user bandwith (Per-IP Bandwidth Management) such as every computer connect to internet max 5Mb; you need to per user bandwith limit. If you use interface bandwith limit, you limit the outgoing internet to the building. Your incoming internet may be 500Mbps, interface limit gives to all building as limit value.
Do not forget to check and upgrade your Sonicwall firmware periodically.
You may need to click HTTPS feature, otherwise HTTPS website will not be checked by Sonicwall. Also, if you have VPN you need to do same thing on VPN settings.

If you purchase filtering licences; You can block some website categories. To be able to do that;
GO Firewall >> Content Filter Objects.

To Enable safe search enforcement or YouTube restrict Mode... etc. you need to click on the pencil icon on the content filter objects page; then click on the "Advanced" tab.
What to do with external Multiple Static IPs?
You can use them for your camera server, phone server.. etc. (Don't put x.x.x.x: port number, just type x.x.x.x)
One popular option is to use the Sonicwall wizard to create a port forwarding rule from a new public ip address to a device on your LAN. Just type in the internal IP address and the external IP address in your range you want to use and you are good. It will create all three NAT rules and the firewall rules for you.
Please note that if you plug the cable into Sonicwall management port, the ip address of sonicwall is You may need to change your computer IP address accordingly!

X0=>LAN; comes from the building network      X1=> WAN comes from ISP  : It is like that!
But it is not mandatory! It is default and everyone uses the default!
Also, don't forget to enable IPS (Intrusion Prevention Service) which is network protection from application exploits, worms and malicious traffic.


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