Don't repeat any code! If you do that, there is something wrong. Don't dry (don't repeat yourself) It is a Case-Sensitive language. Keep your variable lower case letters. No space, If you need, use _ .  Ex: my_language print ('Hello World') print(f"{kind} kilos ")     # kind is a variable which defined before. name= input (' What is your name? ') str: All input are str (default). You need to convert them int or float to make calculation float int ' ' '  You can write whatever you want here ' ' ' word= "Python and Mr.G" print (word[0:4])  ==> Pyth      0 is P.  4 is o. But the last one is excluded. Examples: print (word[2])     ==> t print (word[-1])     ==> G print (word[2:5])     ==> tho print(word[1:-1])  ==> ython and Mr. Function = Methods message.upper()                   # to convert to uppercase message.lower()                   # to convert to lowercase message.title()                      #

My CCNA Useful Links

Summary of All Topics-1 Click on the "Sections (Theory)" part. Summary of All Topics-2 Summary of All Topics-3 Cisco Networking All-in-One Cheat Sheet GENERAL INFO&TERMS IPv4 IPv6 ROUTING OSPF Explanation Video OSPF Lab - 1 OSPF Lab - 2 EIGRP Explanation Video EIGRP Lab - 1 EIGRP Lab - 2 Troubleshooting: Check AS, networks must be configured under eigrp (check the interface ip to see there is any missing network), metric values must be same. Static and Default Route Lab HSRP Vs VRRP Vs GLBP Redundancy Protocols How to Break Cisco Routers Password Using Rommon Mode Don't forget to go rommon mode back and start your router with default register value which is 0x2102. This part is not in the video. SWITCHING STP VTP STACKABLE SWITCH ETHERCHANNEL VLAN HOW TO CONFIGURE ROUTER ON A STICK - 802.1Q TRUNK TO CISCO ROUTER How to Confi gure Port Security on a Cisco Switch   OTHER ACL Router1(config)#access-list 101

Understanding AP, Wifi

Besides my networking notes, I recommend you to check the following information and websites! To understand and fix high Channel Utilization : To check and read channel utilization on Meraki: High channel utilization (>50%) can cause the following symptoms: Slow network performance "Missing" SSIDs Network timeouts or trouble connecting to network Dropped network packets Configuring RADIUS Authentication with WPA2-Enterprise:   Your AD users will able to connect wifi directly without putting wifi password, only their AD password. HOW? See below. Just watch this video. Everything is in there!

My Rise Vision Experience

I want to post the photos in Google Drive. HOW? There's a 3rd party widget, the Photo Feed Widget, which you can use to show images in a Google Drive folder.   Here's a quick video walkthrough . The photo comes at the corner of the screen. It should be center. HOW? ( I was using Samsung 65".) The resolution should be 4K which is  3840 x 2160 I have several photos and am adding more! What should I do for duration. It should be "Play Until Done" on Photo Feed Widget under Presentation and under playlist under Schedule How can I add Google Slides? Please make sure that  a slide duration and total slide duration fits.

telnet Command

You may need to turn on telnet on computer programs. Just go to control panel and click on the "Add/Remove features" like uninstall a program, software. To use telnet, follow the steps below: First, find out the ip address of the server/main computer. For this you need to access the server and use the ipconfig command in MS-DOS. See Additional Information section for more details about this command. Select the  Windows  key and the  R  key. In the Run box type  CMD. Select  OK. Type  Telnet <IP Address> 13531. Note:  Do not include the <> when entering the IP Address. If you see a blank cursor then the connection is fine. You can close the command prompt window. If you get the message that 'telnet' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.  You may need to turn on telnet on computer programs. Just go to control panel and click on the "Add/Remove features" like uninstall a program, softwa

Electrical Terms

In this article, I will share 3 formula and give some definitions. (volt =V, ampere=I, resistance=R, power=P, electric energy=E , time=t) V = I * R         &           P (watt) = I * V = V^2 / R         &          E (joule) = V * I * t  = P * t (dbm = decibek-miliwatts; it is a unit of power. It increases logarithmic.) Everything including yourself has resistance (also called impedance ) to electricity. Its measurement is ohm. Everything occurs from electrons. Elektrik akımını taşıyacak serbest elektronlara sahip olmayan maddelere yalıtkan maddeler denir.

General Printer Errors

Q: When I send a print to the copier it takes several minutes to print ! A:   The reason can be the size of the file and the resolution. (What are the size of the file and how many pages?) or driver issue (needs to update latest version) or printer firmware issue (needs to update latest version) or speed negotiation issue (set speed/duplex manually on both ends (switch and copier)). Q: The address label doesn't fit on the paper! A:   Make sure that it fits the page. You will see it when you goes the print > more settings (The scale may not 100%. ) Q: The wifi drops down! A:   I recommend you to do the followings: Check the printer firmware. (Refer the manufacturer website.) Check your machine wifi capability and you network band. (2.4GHz or 5 GHz) Check your network minimum bitrate (Mbps) Be careful! increasing or decreasing it may affect your network, if you have close AP in the building. Try usb cable no longer than 2 meters. (Some devices doesn't