MCAS ProctorCache Setup

I would like to share my experience with MCAS proctorcache computer.

If you need to setup second precaching computer; You need to add a precaching computer after choose your school on MCAS PAN website. (Setup>TestNav Configurations>Search(Show All Results) >Choose your school>Select Task(Create/Edit TestNav Configurations)>Press Start button.

To precache of the test; Login PAN website! Navigate Testing>Session>Search(Show all results)> Choose your test> See picture below> and the new page. Click on the Precache.

The protoctorcache computer's firewall's port 4480 and 4481 should be opened! If you couldn't open those ports, just turn off the precaching computer's firewall. How to open a port on a computer?

Don't forget to change the proctor cache sleeping time to never.

The proctor cache password is t35t1n6
If you are using Cisco Meraki, and the student wireless rule is deny for the LAN devices; (Wireless > Firewall & traffic shaping) You need to make it allowed even the proctor cache computer is a device of Student wireless. OR create a rule which is allowed to student wifi's VLAN. (See the picture below.)

Please note that the windows computer firewall may deny pinging. (Pinging use ICMP protocol not a port. However, many firewalls have a separate section of the configuration options where you can allow or disallow ICMP traffic. ) But you can still connect to the computer via Remote Desktop Connection app.  (If you have permission on your vlan. See the picture below.)


We are using Sonicwall as the firewall! I did not change any settings for MCAS!

Don't forget to test the connection between Chromebook and proctorcache by using App Check on the main page of TEST NAV app on a student's Chromebook! The identification number is on PAN website. See the top picture. It is at the same place.

  • Make sure you choose the correct year and grade && school one (not district).

Please see the link below for troubleshooting.

Also, don't forget to bypass the following domains.

Some Tips:

  • Disable your content filter during precaching your files. (PAN gives you a whitelist and you add this allowed/whitelist to your iBoss. However, there may have some files, images who can't be downloaded! That's why I recommend you to disable your filter.)
  • If some students' TestNav kick it itself and gives error # 1002 and 1015; the reason is proctor cache files. Call PAN tech and ask them to bypass proctor cache computer and disable the iBoss. After test; refresh your proctor test files by going 192.XXX.XX.XX:4480
  • Keep the content filter OFF during real MCAS.


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