SSL VPN on Sonicwall

1- First you need to create a user by going Users section.

Make sure that your user is
  • a member of Sonicwall Administrator and SSLVPN services. (You can do it under Groups once you click on the pen icon. configure)
  • put your network to access list under VPN access.#1 (You can do it under VPN Access)
2- Go to SSL VPN.
  • You can see if anyone is currently use SSLVPN under SSL VPN > Status.
  • Under Server Settings; Open WAN by clicking on it.  User Domain Section must be same as NetExtender login page.
  • Under Client Settings, press pen icon to configure. 

Create Network Address For IPv4. It must be in same LAN as sonicwall. Otherwise you may not connect to other vlan devices such as server or timeclock. You can see it later on Address Object. This is for IP address of the SSLVPN client.

Then Go client routes and make sure you put all networks you want to connect. Check #1. It should be same.
  • Portal Settings is for specific configuration.
  • Download NetExtender and feel free to connect your network devices from anywhere. 
Please note that a firewall access rule is created by default. See the picture below. If you add another different network to #1; another rule will be added. I added a VPN network and a new rule was added by itself. (SSLVPN>VPN).
For more information, visit

Please note that even you connected your Sonicwall via NetExtender. However, you can't connect any internal web site such as Sonicwall *, timeclock => To fix it you enable "Enable Management". Please see the picture below.

*Also, to able to use SSLVPN to login sonicwall; You need to make sure you made the user Sonicwall Administrator and enable web management over SSL VPN. See the picture below!


  1. Also, SSL-VPN doesn't work, if you're already at the same network. Why are you trying to connect via SSL-VPN if you are already in the same network :))

  2. One more stuff, SSL VPN creates it's rule by itself.


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