Synology DiskStation Quick Installation

Before plugging power, make sure that you installed HDD correctly.
Then connect ethernet cable and power cable.
  1. Power on the DiskStation.
  2. Open a web browser on a computer connected to the same network as the DiskStation.
  3. Enter either of the following into the address bar of your browser:
  4. OR you can find the IP address of the device by checking your DHCP server.
Please note that there is reset button next to LAN input.  If you forget your password, feel free to reset it. I reseted my synology, it reset only login credentials.

Then install disk station manager.
The default password is "admin", leave the password blank.

Then create a volume. (MainMenu {#1 on the the picture below}> Storage Manager)
I have 4 hdd, I use RAID5 with 3 hdd. And I keep 4th one for other purpose. When you create volume, DSM (Disk Station Manager) will help you with installation.

1-It gives main menu.
2- By going Control Panel; you can change the settings.
3- Restart, shutdown,admin/password settings are here.

  • NAS stands for Network Attached Storage.
  • Note DSM Help is very helpful. You can find whatever you need in there.
  • You can install any package (which is like software), if it is in Package center. Think like Chromebook. If there is an app (package) in Chrome Store (package center), you can install that app. Same mantik :)
  • You can also do manual installation, if you have compatible package.
  • To uninstall a package; Go Package Center > Click on the package > Choose Uninstall from drop down menu. Default value of the drop down menu is "Open".
  • Package Center has a lot of useful packages such as Hyper Backup, Java, Active Backup for G Suite.... etc.
  •  Q: Where is DSM installation location?
    A: The firmware is installed both in the internal flash such as BIOS of a computer. And a partition is created on all disks. It works like RAID 1. When you add a new hdd to the NAS tell ' initialize it '. That's the time when the system+swap partitions get created. 
  • Create Shared Folder: It is main folder. It gives you option to choose volume (HDD)
    Create Folder: It creates a folder in shared folder. You can't choose volume.
  • To factory reset: Go Control Panel>Update&Restore>Reset
Useful Links:

Sample script 1:
net use * /delete /yes
net use x: \\Synology_IP_Adress\home /user:server\AD Username

net use * /delete /yes
net use x: \\\home /\yguler

Sample script 2:
@echo off
net use * /delete /yes
net use x: \\Synology_IP_Adress\home

Sample script 3:
net use * /delete /yes
net use M: \\Synology_IP_Adress\home

  • Once you erase any folder, it goes #recycle. (like recycle bin in Windows.)


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