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Q:I try to setup the subnet as but it doesn't work. Once I set it up as, it works. What is the reason?
A:First let me explain supernet. Supernet is an IP network formed from two or more networks (or subnets) with a common CIDR routing prefix.
I asked it to Cisco Meraki support. I got the following response. " We were attempting to add the incorrect subnet portion for the /22 supernet. "
HOW to setup supernet correctly?
I recommend you to check the post related binary and supernetting.

Q:The internet sometimes is very slow!
A:First, you need to find the reason, problem. Then implement solutions! Implementing solutions step by step will help you to figure out the issue. (Check my post. ) My suggestions are;
  • Check it is wired/wireless device. If it is wired; check cable, switch port, computer ethernet input. If it wireless device, check the signals, AP, which SSID has the issue.
  • Don't forget it might be a basic computer issue.
  • The internet provider may have some issues. They may give low internet to the building.
  • Some users may use the internet bandwidth too much. Find the person. Or set up a limit per user for the entire network.
  • If you use Cisco Meraki or another cloud-management AP, check your event logs, clients, AP usage
  • Contact tech support.
Q: How to find IP address of a domain.
A: ping domain by using cmd account. You will see IP address of the domain.
If you try to open a website and you will see Resolving host..." at the corner like 3-4 seconds. >> It means there is an issue on DNS. TRy to put the IP address directly and see the difference.

TO make your internet connection fast...
Disable IPv6 protocol

cmd komut satirina; nslookup >>> yazarsan, dns server, default dns server oluyor. eger DNS calisiyorsa, name: gelir.
cmd komut satirina; nslookup >>> yazarsan, dns server, oluyor. yani i DNS olarak kabul ederek calisiyor.
cmd komut satirina; nslookup >>> yazarsan, dns server, oluyor. VE eger DNS calisiyorsa, name: localhost yazisi cikar.


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