Sonicwall - Creating Routing Rules

You did basic Sonicwall set up on Sonicwall. 👍 Everything works fine when you connect on management VLAN*, however you can't connect to internet (also sonicwall) once you are on different VLANs.
All vlan IP ranges must be in the sonicwall. (If you have only one LAN, you do not need to create a routing rule since there is a default rule.) You need to create routing rules for VLANS range. Otherwise, they can't connect to internet. You can do it several ways. I show you 2 ways.

Way1: Create an IP ranges which includes all IP addresses in the network.
1- Create an address object for IP ranges.
2- Create an address object for the gateway host. 

3- Create a routing rule.
***  Every Vlan has its gateway on meraki switch. All vlans routes to sonicwall. and sonicwall is a member of VLAN 120. So, sonicwall's gateway is x.x.120.1.
That is the reason when we put a sonicwall route rule, we put x.x.120.1 as the gateway.

Way2: Create routing rules for every each vlans.
1- Create address objects for each VLANs.
2- Make them group by creating address groups.
3- Create an address object for the gateway host.
4- Create a routing rule by using address group and gateway host.

* It is the main vlan which has the switches. You can also use Sonicwall DHCP feature for this VLAN. If you want to go this way, you need to enable DHCP server on Sonicwall and disable DHCP on Cisco Meraki. (Navigate to Routing&DHCP. Choose VLAN which includes switch and disable it.) If you want to go with DHCP feature of Meraki, DON'T forget to change management VLAN settings. Navigate to Switches>> switch settings >> management vlans: 120


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