Google Sheet Adds-On

Today, I want to share my useful adds-on with you.
  • autoCrat: This adds-on makes PDF and send emails to users with the attached PDF.
  • formmule-Email merge: It sends email according to sheet data.
    You can create email templates and set up triggers such as form and time triggers.
  • Remove Blank Rows (and more!): It remove or hide blank rows.
  • copyDown: There are formula in the 1st row. This add-on paste formula or paste as value on the other rows.
    P.S. If you use ARRAYFORMULA, you may need to use it!
  • formMule-CalendarMerge: It creates Google Calendar event and put in the assigned Google Calendar and shared with assigned users.
  • formRanger: Remember, student and staff forms. You do not need to update the form lists everytime one by one. formRanger takes the form choices directly from a sheet. It allows you to populate multiple choice, list, checkbox, and grid options from columns in any Sheet or Doctopus roster. 
  • Choice Eliminator 2: You can create a parent teacher conference. It automatically remove options that have already been selected in a Google Form.


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