My Papercut and Ricoh Machine Experience

My Papercut and Ricoh Machine Experience

  • The papercut app is installed on the machine via web browser.
  • The papercut is pushed to be master app. For Ricoh; Go to machine. You can't do it on browser. Settings>The Enhanced external charge unit management settings. Choose everything except Printer & Browser or Java
  • To make papercut as home app: Go to machine. User Tools>Screen Features scroll down>ScreenDevice Settings>Function Priority; Choose papercut
You can also go technician settings. For Ricoh; 
  • Press Reset button.
  • Type 806182
  • Hold Clear (C) button.
Don't forget to setup the followings:
  • Email Settings (for scanning)
  • Only admin should be able to change settings. (For Ricoh; Go to Administrator Authentication Management>Choose all of them. unchosen items can be changed without admin previligies.)
  • Auto Email notification for staple missing, error emails...etc.
  • Scan Default file type: Choose PDF instead of TIFF. (For Ricoh: Configuration>Scanner>DEfault Sttings For...  > Send file Type: Choose PDF.)
  • If there is a search aoption on the copier admin panel, feel free to search what you're looking for!

Papercut Errors

Q: How to prevent users from bypassing PaperCut 


Q: Teachers get " Configuration Error - no compatible queues for redirection... " Papercut error message when use Cloud printer or webprint. 
A: Teacher probably choose other building copier machine during the webprint. If you want that to work, you need to change some settings on the your server machine. 
GO to your print server > Services > Choose "PaperCut Print Provider" > Right click on it . > Properties > Log On; Type the main username for papercut.

Q: I changed the admin password of the copier machine. And Scan to me feature doesn't work properly!
 A: If you changed the printer's admin password, you need to install papercut configuration folder again! To do that;

1- Go on the papercut server
2- Open file explorer.
3- Go C:\Program Files\PaperCut MF\providers\hardware\ricoh\sdkj
4- Copy the file "403046912". Don't do it on original folder.
5- Open
6- Change the followings:
device-name=device-name=2ndFloorHallway1 (same name as papercut)
server-name= (papercut mai server ip address)
7- Save it.
8- Zip the folder. (Zip the folder when you're in the folder. Otherwise, it is not working like Powerschool photo importing.)
9- Then go to the local machine itself.
  • Select the "Configuration" from the left menu.
  • Select the “Extended Feature Settings -> Install” link.
  • Select the “Local File” option, then press the “Browse...” button and select the embedded application
  • ZIP file. Then press the “Display Extended Feature List” button. Note: this make take up to 1 minute to appear.
  • Change the install location to “Device HDD”, set auto start to “On” (but don’t click “Install”), then select he “PaperCut” application at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press the “Install” link.
  • A confirmation screen will appear. Verify the install options and press the OK button.
  • The application will be installed. You can confirm by selecting the “Extended Feature Settings > Startup > Setting” option from the Configuration page.
Then restart your copier. It may ask you to login as admin to install papercut connection. (It will be only for once.) Yo may need to make papercut as home app.


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