VPN on Sonicwall

VPN (virtual private network) technology lets a computer using a public internet connection join a private network by way of a secure “tunnel” between that machine and the network. This protects the data from hackers.
If your school use Sonicwall as a firewall, you can set up VPN (virtual private network) on your sonicwall device.

HOW? (https://www.sonicwall.com/en-us/support/knowledge-base/170504380887908 for video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQi-YlIqu04)

Step 1: Creating Address Objects for VPN subnets: 
Navigate to Network>>Address Objects. Then create 1 address object on each different building's sonicwall for VPN settings. (Its type is not HOST, it is NETWORK and the zone is VPN, not LAN) 

For the current building, you can use pre-configured network object, X0 Subnet. If you don't want to use it, you can create one. It is not VPN, it is LAN and network such as (not network range such as and  Remember you created network range address object for routing. This network range address didn't work for VPN!

Step 2: Configuring a VPN policy on Site A SonicWall:
 Navigate to VPN | Settings page and Click Add button. Then check and setup the settings on the 4 tabs. (General, Network, Proposals, Advanced)

Step 3: Configuring a VPN policy on Site B SonicWall: 
Do similar steps as Step 2.

Once you setup the Site to Site VPN, don't forget to check the connection. To check it;
Go System>> Diagnostics
Choose Ping under Diagnostics menu.
Ping a device (host) at the other building.

P.S. Proposals tab must be same on both site. If one site says Group 2, other site says group 5; it will not work!

If you use wizard, it will be more easy.

Please note that;
  • Connect XXX.XXX.1.1 (on other site) doesn’t work? VPN is on and ping works! Use https://
    On the vpn setting under the advance https should be clicked. It should be clicked on both sites.
  • VPN; nereden ve nereye gitmesine izin verdiysen sadece onlar baglaniyor. Yani AP-Staff tanimlilar icinde yoksa, AP-Staff a bagli biri oteki site ki bi seye baglanamaz.
  • Guest Vlan i VPN allowed olsa bile, Guest wifi nin sonicwalle izni olmadigi icin VPN de calismaz. Ama direkt guest vlan li switch e takilsa calisir!!!
  • VPN icin kurnazlik yaptin ve subnet i yaptin ama calismadi. Cunku senin oyle bi Vlan in yokki!


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