Google Sheet Formula Sample with Explanation

I want to share some Google Sheet formula examples with their definitions.

If you want to put data into one column;

Multiple Source Query
QUERY({IMPORTRANGE("1UDEdV70XTxw7fCFna6wSS7XYkZsSKm5rVgZL3uCsD4k","Sheet1!A1:C");IMPORTRANGE("1w5ILzQcW5xokFVFBpcYVumjKXzuLdII0iEjX8P52WiA","Sheet1!A2:C");IMPORTRANGE("153DPunGmabPPfLg9wx7VDOZc9GxZTc-sUlkSHk8DDK0","Sheet1!A2:C")},"Select * where Col1<>''",1)
For more details:

Multiple If (ifs) vs. Index(Match)
If you increase blue part, coklu sinirlandirma yapabilirsin. If the blue part is correct, the value is 1. If it is not correct, the value is 0.


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