G Suite

Hi again,
G Suite is the best! I believe everyone agree with me! And it is free for non-profit organizations. To me, every schools use the G Suite. I want to explain some great features of G Suite.

Device Management: You can manage the smartphones and Chromebooks by using it. You have full power on the devices.
Reports: You can see what's going on your institute. Also, you can create some alerts by using reports. I created some alerts if some admins makes any changes on G Suite, I get emails from Google which show who did what.
You can also search what your staff has in their Google drive by using Reports. If you want to see index of the file, you can use Vault for it!

Vault: As an admin, you can see an organizational user' email&drive&groups&hangouts without entering his/her emails. It works well, if any student sent suspicious email. Even it is deleted, you can see the email.

Drive File Stream: I recommend you to install Drive File Stream instead of Google Drive.


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