Understanding AP, Wifi

Besides my networking notes, I recommend you to check the following information and websites!

To understand and fix high Channel Utilizationhttp://wifinigel.blogspot.com/2015/01/cisco-ap-channel-utilization.html

To check and read channel utilization on Meraki:

High channel utilization (>50%) can cause the following symptoms:
  • Slow network performance
  • "Missing" SSIDs
  • Network timeouts or trouble connecting to network
  • Dropped network packets

Configuring RADIUS Authentication with WPA2-Enterprise: 

Your AD users will able to connect wifi directly without putting wifi password, only their AD password.

HOW? See below.

Just watch this video. Everything is in there!

As summary; you need to do following things:
1- Install Network Policy Server by "Adding Features"
2- Make sure all users are under one of security groups such as staff, student, admin, or guest.
3- Create network policies to match users to VLANs.
4- Change SSID settings on Meraki dashboard.
6- Control the system.

  • Check system if it works. 
  • Check the client which VLAN is.
For the SSID rules such layer 3, 7 rules, bandwith limit; create group policies and tag the VLAN


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