General Printer Errors

Q: When I send a print to the copier it takes several minutes to print!
A: The reason can be the size of the file and the resolution. (What are the size of the file and how many pages?)
or driver issue (needs to update latest version)
or printer firmware issue (needs to update latest version)
or speed negotiation issue (set speed/duplex manually on both ends (switch and copier)).

Q: The address label doesn't fit on the paper!
A: Make sure that it fits the page. You will see it when you goes the print > more settings (The scale may not 100%. )

Q: The wifi drops down!
A: I recommend you to do the followings:
  • Check the printer firmware. (Refer the manufacturer website.)
  • Check your machine wifi capability and you network band. (2.4GHz or 5 GHz)
  • Check your network minimum bitrate (Mbps) Be careful! increasing or decreasing it may affect your network, if you have close AP in the building.
  • Try usb cable no longer than 2 meters. (Some devices doesn't work with USB 3.0, try USB 2.0 input.)
  • Try LAN with ethernet cable. 
At my case, firmware update fixed the issue!

Q: I couldn't remove the printer, also there are jobs in the query and I couldn't remove them!
A: Please follow the instructions below: 

1- Restart "Print Spooler" service.
To able to go Print Spooler services;
  • Press the "Win" + "R" to open the Run dialogue. Type services.msc and press ↵ Enter. Double-click Print Spooler.
  • Alternatively, click Start → Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services → Print Spooler
2- Delete the printer's driver.
  • Go to Control Panel >> Printer 
  • Click any other printer icon, then click Print Server Properties on the top menu bar.
  • In the Properties window, click the Drivers tab.
  • Select the driver for the deleted printer, then click Remove.
  • If you choose "Remove driver and driver package," the installation package will be deleted as well. Only do this if you know where to find a new installation package for that driver.
P.S. If you couldn't remove the printer driver because of it is in use error. Please restart your computer.

If you remove all drivers but your printer is still getting old driver 😌, delete it again by by following "2- Delete the printer's driver." and add a new driver by clicking "Add" button on the same page.

Also, right click on the computer and press manage to open Device Manager. Uninstall the driver on this page and restart your computer.

If you still have delay sending issue as me, please check the cable step by step. It might be because of the connection cable of server rack or the cable in the ceiling or printer cable. If the cable is fine, maybe network card of the copier has some issue.

Remember; you run a cable test by using Cisco Meraki and you got errors. You didn't go step by step and it takes 2 days to find the issue. The issue was copier's network card, not a cable. Cisco checks everything between the end points when you run cable test.

In my case, it wasn't related cabling. The tech just relocate the copier's HDD cable, then it works. It might fixed it since our teacher use the copier document server. But not sure!

Brother Printer Errors

Q: The wifi drops down! I also have some issues with Brother printer. I contacted the tech support. They recommend me to hard reset. HOW?

This procedure will clear all settings and cause your printer to disconnect from the wireless network, and you will have to reestablish it afterwards.

1. Press any key on the touchscreen, to make the HOME key appear.
2. Press and hold the HOME key until the screen changes to a list of the Serial Number and ROM version. There will be two blank fields down at the bottom of the screen.
3. Press and hold the blank field at the bottom until the screen changes to a numerical keypad.
4. Press the *, 2, 8, 6, 4 keys in that order within 2 seconds. The machine will make a beep and will now be in Maintenance Mode.
5. Press 0, 1. The LCD will display 'parameter init'. When finished the display will return to the initial stage of maintenance mode.
6. Press STOP/EXIT. Press 9, 9.  The machine will exit Maintenance Mode.

Q: The wifi (MFC9130CW) drops down!
A: The brother printer works via 2.4 GHz. Dual bandwith (2.4GHz & 5GHz) makes it crazy! The tech support recommends me to connect printer to only 2.4GHz wireless wifi. I was using the Meraki network. Refer to   Q3 & A3.


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