Cisco Meraki Tips&Problems

Q 1:Cisco Meraki: How can I set up switches for AP and wireless?
A:First you need to make sure all main ports (ports which are connects switches) must be same as main VLAN (switches vlans or management vlan). Native VLANs must be management vlan.
Second; AP ports must be trunk and allowed vlans must includes all wifi's Vlans and AP vlan. Otherwise, they can't connect each other and have some problems.

Q 2:Cisco Meraki: I need only 2.4 GHz band. But it is not on Meraki Dashboard?
A: Contact support, they will enable it.

Q3 & A3: I need to create a wifi for 2.4Ghz for Brother printer in my school.
I want to hide wifi and connect only brother printer to this wifi.

1- How can I hide the wifi?
-When you navigate to Wireless > Configure > SSID availability, select the desired SSID and select the option 'Hide this SSID'

2- How can I enable this wifi on the specific AP?
-This can be done using SSID availability. The below article has the steps described :

3- May it be harmful to the school wireless systems?
Hidden SSID will not provide security rather it will prevent the users from associating to it by mistake. For further details, please refer to the below document :

Q 4:Cisco Meraki: DHCP server on main Cisco L3 switch doesn't work?
A:If you want the switches to get  their IP in VLAN 120 then navigate to Switch -- Switch settings. Enter 120 for the Management VLAN. Default value is 1 for management vlan.

Q 5:Cisco Meraki: How can I see any changes on Cisco Meraki dashboard?
A:Go Organization> Change Log

Q 6:Cisco Meraki: How can I get report?
A:Go Organization> Summary Report

Q 7:Cisco Meraki: How can I change, ?
A:Go Network-wide>Genaral>Device configuration; Local credentials

Q 8:Cisco Meraki: I set it up switches, everything looks like OK. But I still have orange color error message on Meraki cloud?
A: If you still have issue on the switch such as VLAN (the switch is Vlan 120, however it looks like vlan 1 on cloud and gives error message), check the switch settings by using the switch's management port. See what's going on then reset it! While you reset unplug LAN cables.

Q 9:Cisco Meraki: What does the color on Meraki MR 33 mean?
A: See below.
  • Orange - AP is booting (permanent Orange suggests hardware issue)
  • Rainbow - AP is initializing/scanning
  • Blinking Blue - AP is upgrading
  • Green - AP in Gateway mode with no clients
  • Blue - AP in Gateway mode with clients 
  • Blinking Orange - AP can't find uplink 
Q 10:Cisco Meraki: How can I see details such as bandwidth usage, time frame, user details on Cisco Meraki dashboard?
A:Navigate to Network-Wide>Event Log. You can put filter on your search such as event type, date, client.
Also, you can see the client first. Once you click on the client, you will go event log by clicking Event Log link on Client page.

Q 11: Cisco Meraki; I have a wireless computer in my network, it use too much internet. How can I limit only this computer.
A:First, you need to create a group policy by going Network-wide >> Group Policies. Once you create a new group policy. Navigate Network-wide >> Clients. Choose the group policy under Policy.

You can also see all clients devices which is tied to any group policy under Network-wide >> Group Policies.

Q 12: Cisco Meraki; When I connect to guest network, I can't ping any website. Why?
A: I believe you have a splash page on the guest network. Before try to ping, you need to accept or click on the continue button on the splash page. Just open a web browser and click on the button.

Q 13: Cisco Meraki; I change some settings on Meraki cloud. However it is still not working.
A: Give 1 or 2 minutes maybe 10 min for meraki cloud to push changes to devices.
If you don't give this time once you changed on cloud, it may not work. On the main switch, you changed the port 8 vlan and you didn't wait, plug the cable the port 8 immediately, the computer was still at the previous IP. After waiting; the computer got the port8's vlan ip.

Q 14: Cisco Meraki; How can I connect my Cisco Meraki by management port?
A: Please note that the default username is the device's serial number and the password is blank.

MR -
MS -
MX-Z - ,
Any -,
These URLs will work for any Cisco Meraki device, but will only access the first device in its path.

If access by DNS name is not possible, the local status page is also accessible by IP address. This is often helpful when initially configuring the device on a network without DHCP, or when setting a device's IP configuration prior to deployment.

MR -
In order to access this address, configure a device with the following IP settings, and then browse the address in a web browser.
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

MS -

In order to access this address, configure a device with the following IP settings, and then browse the address in a web browser.
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Note: Some MS switches have a dedicated management port that can be used without needing to set a static IP on your client.

Q 15: Cisco Meraki; How can I setup AP vlan?
A: Please note that you need to allowed the wireless vlans. also give permission to main AP vlan. See the picture below.

Q 16: What should I check on Meraki?
A: 1- IPv4 ACL:
You can give specific allowance or deny for specific IP ranges, or IP by using IPv4 ACL configuration. For more info; please go

2- Air Marshal: To void rogue wifi.
Wireless > Air Marshal


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