School IT Year (After/Before/During)

*ID card Change:
  • Let Business know
  • Change ID card number on the card system.
  • Change the ID card on the AD server for papercut.
  • Sync papercut


During the School Year:

  • Order Items for next year - Check toner inventory
  • Dispose Items
  • Updating IT Handbook/Presentation

Before Summer:

  • Renewing ALL agreement Sonicwall, Filter, website, smart, microsoft, adobe
  • Student ID Card Reminders
  • Sending Emails to the staff
  • Sell Disposed Items
  • To be prepared to collect materials back

The last day of the School:

  • Disable ID cards and keyfobs, if they're not returned
  • Inform business office for missing items.
  • Shut down all computers and laptops


  • Cable Organizer is fine?
  • Cleaning Desktop&Printer from Dust
  • Cable Organizer is fine? (especially smartboard cabling)
  • Checking Smartboard
    • Check the firmware of the smartboard
    • Cleaning Smartboard
    • Plug off smartboards
    • Checking Phone, Paging
Comp Labs:
  • Cleaning
  • Checking the labels
  • Deleting Users
  • Hardware Damage (Screen, Keyboard, Mouse)
  • Tech Issue (Software)
  • Cleaning Carts and Chromebooks, 
  • Checking the labels
  • Hardware Damage
  • Checking Cart + Locker Cabling
Staff Laptops:
  • Update the firmware with Lenovo System Update
  • Deleting users on Staff Computers
  • Cleaning 
  • Cleaning
  • Hardware Damage (Screen, Case)
  • Carry On Cabling
  • Labeling

Before School Starting:

  • Emails
  • Directory
  • Email Groups
  • Active Directory / iBoss users
  • Sending Emails to the staff
  • Checking/Updating IT Handbook/Presentation

Hi-Bye Staff

Hi StaffWho is in ChargeBye StaffWho is in Charge
TimeClockBusinessTake all materialsIT
DatabaseIT/DOAChange Email Password and Suspend EmailIT
Google Cloud Printer SharingITDelete Email GroupsIT
ID CardIT/SecretaryChange Database PasswordIT
Staff Portal & EchoSignITFilter / Active DirectoryIT
Welcome Email & Presentation (Sign in, card, password)ITPhone Extension &Voicemail - EmailIT
Laptop / ChromebookITDisable ID Card/KeyfobIT
Email Groups (staff, google classroom, grade level... etc.)IT
Filter / Active DirectoryIT
Paper CutIT
Phone Extension &Voicemail - EmailIT

Hi-Bye Student

Hi StudentWho is in ChargeBye StudentWho is in Charge
Create Student Username Password(Check if the username pass is unique)Check Chromebook File?IT
Powerschool username&passwordITChange/Delete? Email PasswordIT
EmailITDelete Email GroupsIT
Email GroupsITFilter / Active DirectoryIT
Active Directory / FilterITDisable / Delete Student CardIT
Registrating ID CardSystemIT
ID CardIT/Secretary
Adding the Student ListIT


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