Preparing a Teacher Desktop and other Computers at School

Note1: When you try to clone compouter; you may have BitLocker fault which means you may need to disable bitlocker. How?

I prefer Command Prompt. Be sure that you opened them as admin.
  • Open Command Prompt as administrator. To do that quickly press Windows Key + X to open Win + X menu and choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu.
  • When Command Prompt opens, enter manage-bde -off X: command and run it. Be sure to replace X with the actual hard drive letter.
Note2: If your computer is already connected to AD; don't format them, just remove the user. How?

Computer LabsStaff Desktop / Laptop
custumize settings all things; NOcustumize settings
turn OFF notifications
win updatecheck DPI problem; Advanced scaling settings should be ON!
office + serialkey
Adobe+ serial keywin update
Javaoffice 2016 + serialkey
other software (check with teacher, DOA and DH)Adobe+ serial key
Disable non-necessary Startup appmain printers
Alertus Client/Desktop
winrarsmartboard tools and ink driver
Adobe Acrobatantivirus
change computer name "CL1" vlc
chromeGoogle Drive File Stream like D: Drive
change active hours for updatesAdblock (exclude school, database website)
msconfig & gpeditchrome
disable IPv6DOA's requests
Add Admin Password
create system restoredisable IPv6; see Problems tab
take a copy for acronis/macrium reflect
change computer name "1LS-"
Cleaning Computer from dustAdd Admin Password
create system restore
Connecting ServerACRONIS
GPO:Cleaning Computer from dust
Disable background
Disable to run any exe files if it is not C:
Disable Control Panelchange computer name "1LS-999" and add in AD server.
iBoss SSL Certification/Firefox (just in case) deploymentadd user as an admin
Wallpapercheck every app especially games (PowerShell), drive
Print Service PolicyCheck word, photoshop... etc. and activate them if needed!
customize according to user. for ex: secretary doesn't need smartboard.
Disable notification
set up Chrome as default browser
restart at least 3 times.
msconfig & gpedit
Remove Office 2016 shortcuts (If it is not being used!

ChromebookChromebook Kick-Off
Unbox Chromebook
Inventory Label
School Label

Chromebook Sheet
Put wifi password"Have you checked Chromebook website?" banner
Enterprise Enrollment"Chromebook Guide" Banner
G Suite Enrollment
Name: 1LS-MS1
Location: PCSS 1 Lower School
print agreement and give them to main office
Shut DownCopy Machine

Sample Case

Give Chromeboook
Edit G Suite or Google Sheet
Remind video session


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