Powerschool Training Folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1q04xAC2pUg3KzrGAKNHE8PT0tZpjil8

ReportWorks: Java must be installed on the computer. It will ask an username and password, it is same as Powerschool Admin account. Please note that ReportWorks Developer should be enabled under Security Settings>Applications

You can drag logo or any picture on it. (ReportWorks Developer)

NC SIS is a good resource for templates as Powerschool Exchange.

Plugin: You can download a plugin. Then install it. (Start Page>System>System Settings>Plugin Management Configuration)

PowerSchool Interface; To customize your Powerschool start page. Personalize Under Setup>Interface

Powerschool Swift K12 & other plug-ins don’t show up!: Make sure the customization is enabled!
Start Page > System under Setup> System Settings under Server > Customization

Object Form Designer: With demo you can see the X, Y, top, bottom coordinates. https://www.parkbenchsoftware.com/visualpst/index.html

To add more items for relationship section: Go to the district page. Code Sets> Choose Relationship from drop down menu. Add new item.

To import student username & password into PowerSchool: 
  • Start Page > Special Functions > Importing & Exporting> Import Using Template
  • If there is no template; create a template first! Start Page > Special Functions > Importing & Exporting > Choose "Templates for Importing".

To import student email, contact into PowerSchool: 
  • Start Page > Special Functions > Importing & Exporting> Data Import Manager

If you're using powerschool: please go to this page to see what to purchase.

Changing Students Lunch Balance Based off Free/Reduced Form: 
  • Choose student first. Then, Start  Page>Power Lunch>Manager Screen>Change Previous Meals
Advanced search examples on powerschool: 
Grade_Level=2;Last_Name=m@  ===> It shows the students whose last name is started with m and in grade 2. (Pay attention there is no space and ; is used like AND)


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