Chromebook Tips&Problems

  • If a students can't see the school Chrome Webstore,
    Students need to login email account.
  • Examview Flash error; Flash was blocked for Examview, it says an extension is blocking it.
    On G Suite Admin Console; *Flash* in "Enable Plug-In", then it works.
  • Problem: When you do a soft wipe and log back on a Chromebook, the extensions are not loading up right away and sometimes you have to wait for a half an hour for them to show up. The filter extension also show up late.
    Solution: All forced extensions are being installed on the chromebooks. The installation time depends according to the speed of chromebook and internet connection. The best way, do not put all extension as "Force to Install", only put iBOSS extension. Put the useful extension in your domain chrome store, so students can install any extension, if it is needed. There is no priorty rank for installing extension right now!(2/10/2017) If the priority feature will be in the future. You can put iBOSS at the first place, then you can choose "Force to install" for all extensions. But it makes the chromebook slow... More extension, more memory and more time. So, I think it is the best way. 
  • What needs to block on Google Admin Console? (Do it under URL Blocking)
    chrome-extension://nkoccljplnhpfnfiajclkommnmllphnl/html/crosh.html (Chrome OS Developer Shell; The shortcut is Ctrl + Alt + T ; Chromebook can be wiped to factory settings by writing “battery_firmware update”)
  • What should I do for the school Chromebooks and how?
    1-Disable extension installation for Students; Device management>>Chrome>>User Settings
    2-Connect internet wifi Student; Device Settings>>Network>>Wifi login page; Device management>>Chrome>>Device Settings>>Autocomplete Domain
    4-Video/Audio Enabling; Device management>>Chrome>>User Settings
    5-Chromebook Lid opens/close; Device management>>Chrome>>User Settings>> Security
    6-Setup bookmark; Device management>>Chrome>>User Settings
    7-Block students to change the input language;
    8-Off Hours Feature: Device management>>Chrome>>Device Settings>>Off Hours
  • How can I understand that a student try to wipe the Chromebook?
    You can create an alert on G Suite for it. Please check G Suite post for more details.
  • How can I push the iBoss or any certificate to the company Chromebooks?
    I recommend you to check the link below.

  • To exit high contrast (Especially on Linkit or any kiosk app): Use short cut (Ctrl + Search + h button)
  • To exit magnifier (Especially on Linkit or any kiosk app): Use short cut (Ctrl + Search + m button) 


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