1:1 Chromebook

1-Making Decision

The most important point is to make a best decision. It depends the school structure, student, and staff background. There is no question that it will not be easy and you should never forget it since we are changing the education system.


Before starting 1:1, some classroom sets may be purchased and let school start to use them. So, teachers and student get used to using Chromebook. They can start the use some apps which explains part 3.  If we don’t have a good experience, the project will be ended!

Some duties to make 1:1 Chromebook successful!
  • IT Department: Keep under control all Chromebooks; at home and school => iBoss & in the classroom => GoGuardian
    Helping DOA and DH for training sessions.
  • Dean of Academics: Preparing teachers for the next year. Training session for some apps. Get opinions from DH and teachers.
  • Dean of Students: Follow the policies and be strict.
  • Director: Check the calendar and support their staff, if needed.
In conclusion, academic researches shows that providing a laptop to every student will automatically increase student achievement, but it's only the first step. DOA+DH+DOS+IT must work together.

Sample 1:1 Chromebook Calendar
Month Duty Responsible Due Date
February 1:1 Chromebook YES or NO? Pros&Cons Admin Team March 1st
March Sending Inform Letter to the parents Secretary March 10th
Start to create a Chromebook website IT May 1st
Start to make a Chromebook handbook IT May 1st
Which Chromebook?
11.6” or 13” Dell or HP…etc.
IT&DOA April 1st
April Sending Final Letter to parents Secretary April 10th
Receving Letters Back w parents decision and fill out sheet Secretary May 10th
Receving Letters Back w parents decision and fill out sheet + Call parents (Extended Time) Secretary May 20th
June Purchasing Chromebook+Google Mng. Business Office June 1st
Purchasing Case Business Office June 1st
Summer IT receives Chromebooks Business Office July 1st
Preparing Chromebooks IT July 20nd
Preparing Internet Filter @Home IT July 20nd
Purchasing Insurance (https://www.worthavegroup.com/) Business Office August 10th
Preparing Chromebook Kick-Off (Google Sheet and welcome Kit with Video Session) IT July 20th
Chromebook Kick-Off (Collecting $20 for Protectian Plan) IT&Secretary July 25-26

APP Training Calendar
DOA Google Classroom Training session will be held by DOA & IT. 17-18 Q4
GoGuardian; controlling student screen Summer PD
ScreenCastify; recording the screen 18-19 Q2
EdPuzzle; the next step is flipped classroom 18-19 Q2
Linkit!; online testing 18-19 Acad. Year

3-Important Apps on 1:1 Chromebook Project:

Google Classroom; It is online classroom platform.
GoGuardian; It is a software which controls student screen.
Google Cast for Education; Cast your student screen without a device.
ScreenCastify; It is a recording screen software.
EdPuzzle; You can make any video your lesson. Pick a video, add your magical touch and track your students' understanding.  The next step is flipped classroom
Kahoot: It is game-based platform that makes learning awesome for millions of people all over the world.
Poll Everywhere;  It is the easiest way to gather live responses in conferences, concerts, classrooms, anywhere with internet.
Linkit!: It is an online testing website.
Google Calendar / Appointment Slots;
Google Hangouts; It is free online software for online meeting for gmail users. You can do livestream on YouTube.

4- Some General Problems:

If students don’t have internet at home.
Affordable Internet for low income. (Comcast: $9.99 Verizon: $15.75) PTO may be a good sponsor.

If students forget Chromebook;
It is like a textbook. DoS must be strict and disciplinary action. Secretary must call parent to ask them to bring the students’ Chromebook.

If the chromebook is broken;
The insurance company will take care of it! ($20) We will give loaner, the worst Chromebook we already have.

Please search any topic or any questions on the home page of this blog page. This page is only for a general information about 1:1 Chromebook project.


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