Sound System Setup

A Few Notes and Questions

  • Turn off the mixer at the weekend or long vocation.
  • Make sure that the speaker volume level is not max.
  • An impedance value (ohm) of speaker must be matched to the amplifier's.
  • More watt ; more power.
  • Always buy high quality items, not cheap ones.
  • Speakers should not be set up max. 8 out of 10 is a good choice. Otherwise, it may do some feedback.

  • Use balanced cables since it less susceptible to noise and provide a more reliable signal that is stronger over long distances. The cables next to unbalanced cable can damage the quality of sound.
  • Understand balanced  (three elements; +, hot, tip  & - , cold, ring & ground, sleeve For Example: XLR cable and TRS input)  vs unbalanced  (two elements; signal ground For Example: RCA cable and TS inputaudio cable types. Check this website.

  • Every channel may have volume control. Also there may be master volume control.
  • For microphone, choose XLR cable for better quality.
  • If you use a wireless microphone set, make sure the mic and wireless box group and channel settings are same.
  • Mic with headphone is ideal microphone but people may not want to use it. (The mic holding position of stakeholder (far or close to mouth) is important stuff and can be changed sound quality. Gain; if the stakeholder keeps the mic far, you can increase the gain on mixer. Opposite also works. But the best one, keep it at the middle to void some feedback sound.)

Q: After the mixer is ON a lot (like 2-3 days) or play music a lot ( 1 hour); it makes some weird sound.
A: Restart the mixer and REPLACE mixer.

Q: We want to connect 2 speakers to the mixer. The mixer has 2 output. Should I connect 1 speaker to 1 mixer output and the other speaker to other mixer output? and which channel i should use?  Or use THRU output of the speaker.
A: Yes you may use from mixer both outputs L/R to both inputs of first speaker Ch1 or Ch2. Then use the (output) Thru from speaker 1 to input of speaker 2's Ch1.

If I want to connect a total of four speakers, how should I connect them?
- It like Daisy chain them four IN / Out  
From mixer output L/R  to input ch1 & ch2 on speaker 1->Thru -> input of speaker 2's Ch1 and speaker 2's Thru (for out) -> 3 speaker input Ch1 output Thru to 4 speaker input Ch1 or Ch2….

How to connect amp, mixer, mic, comp audio

My recommendation to buy

If you don't want to purchase mixer, I recommend you to go with Mackie SRM150 or Mackie SRM450 Please see below question which is asked to mackie tech support.

For Sound Mixer: My recommendation is Mackie ProFXv2
Check this video!
Here is the manual for this mixer!Here is my notes about this mixer!

Q: Can I use a mic and a computer with this speaker without a mixer?
A: Yes, you can use channel 1 for the mic and use an RCA to 1/8 inch cable into the red and white RCA inputs for your computer.
Controlling the volume for the computer would be done with the gain knob on channel 2.

Amplifier to Speaker Matching

  • Get an amplifier 50% more powerful than your speaker. (check power capacity or  RMS or Program on spec sheet of the product. Do not hesitate to call manufacturer for any question!)
  • Match your speakers ohms to the ohms your amp can handle. Amps generally created for 4,8,16 ohms speaker. (check ohm settings {there may be 2,4,8 ohms in a speaker} on spec sheet of the product. Do not hesitate to call manufacturer for any question!)
  • An impedance value (ohm) of speaker must be matched to the amplifier's.

How to Connect Speakers

The amplifier has an impedance value (ohm). For example; 4-16 ohms. So, your speakers setup must be between this range. Otherwise, it won't work!

Let's understand parallel and series connection!


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