My CCNA Routing&Switching Experience (LAB)

I can say that it has 2 parts. Funny part (lab) and boring part (terms).


First find a good lab for Cisco.
  • GNS 3:
  • Cisco Packet Tracer:
I recommend go with Cisco Packet Tracer and complete the course of Cisco Networking Academy. It explains the tool nicely. Pay attention to:
  • Items
    • Cable Types: Make sure you choose the correct one and the ports are up.
    • Computer LAN Sockets
  • Simulation
    • PDU (Simple and Complex): You can see all details as OSI layers in complex mode.
    • Show All/None Filter

Basic Setup:

Also, watch (4 parts)
  • ? => shows what I can type
  • ping ? => shows what I can type starting with ping
  • To go privilege mode, type "enable"
  • Then type the followings
    • show running-config (Space=>more  &  esc = >enough)
    • "configure terminal" (You enter config mode) OR "conf t"
    • hostname R1
    • When you press ctrl+C or type "exit"; you will exit the config mode.
    • Pressing Tab, completes the command. I type "show r" and press tab. It completes it as show running-config. (I am not in the config mode.)
    • reload => rebooting.
    • To enable consoleline
      • When you run show running-config you will see line con 0 at the end of the result.
      • Go config by typing "configure terminal"
      • Then type "line console 0"
      • "password kurt" => the console password is kurt right now.
      • "login" => it enables console line to login the router.
      • "exit" (2 times) or Ctrl+C or "end" Right now, you are at enable mode. Your command line looks like R1#
      • "copy running-config startup-config" OR "copy run start" (alias) to save the configuration.
      • reload
    • To enable virtual terminal (vty 0 4): Max. 5 users can connect the router by using virtual terminal. (0,1,2,3,4 : It looks like array.) If it is not enabled. No one can connect to router by using Putty. 
      • "line vty 0 4"
      • same steps as consoleline
      • To see how to connect via vty ( ; Pay attention to crossover cable! (The connection between router and comp.)
    • IP Address: In config mode; "interface fast" then Tab. You will have "interface fastEthernet" Check your router interface name. 0/0 or 0/1. Then,
      • interface fastEthernet 0/0
      • ip address
      • no shutdown (This interface will be ON!)
      • copy run start (DON'T FORGET to save the configuration! You need to do it on enable mode. Your command line looks like R1# )
        HW: Try to connect your router by using cmd. (Don't forget to give comp IP address.)
    • To put another password to config mode: On config mode; "enable password kurt" and save your configuration. To remove it, type "no enable password"
    • To make password encrypt. On config mode; "enable secret kurt1" To remove; "no enable secret"
      If you have secret and password. Secret over-ride password. 
      "service password-encryption" makes all password encrypted!
    • To put message (banner message) on CLI 
      • On config mode; (looks like => R1 (config)#  ) type banner ?; you will two options go with motd option. So type "banner motd #Sen gercek user misin?# Save it. Exit router, you will see it before entering router.
Via Putty; you can connect by using aux, console cable.

Please note that in real CCNA exam, you can't go router CLI directly. (not like cisco packet tracer)

Other Important Notes:

  • When you put ? to see what is your options, you should put ? after a space.
  • "show" command works when you're at active mode. ( Switch 1# show )
  • If you want configure anything, go to config mode ( conf t ) then go to what you need!
    For example;
    • You want to make port 0/11 is a trunk port: Go to port first (interface fa 0/11 > switchport  mode trunk )
    • You want to create vlan 11: Type vlan 
    • You want to make port 0/11 is a member of vlan 11: Go to port first (interface fa 0/11 > switchport  access vlan 11 )


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