What to Purchase

Check the items review on Amazon and read manual first.
Search "top ABCDE models" on Google.

Here are my suggestions to purchase any item:
Speaker: JBL, Bose, Mackie SRM150 or Mackie SRM450
Microphone: Shure
Sound Mixer: Mackie ProFXv2
Cables: Amazon Brands, Belkin
Firewall: Sonicwall, Cisco  *Check the bandwidth range
AP: Cisco *Check how many devices can be connect
Switch: Cisco *Check the speed
Drone: Drone Mavic 2
Repairing Tool: Syntus 80 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set
Ipad Case:  Hocase High-Impact Shock Absorbent Dual Layer Silicone+Hard PC Bumper Protective Case
Large Screen for Stage: https://www.bigscreencenter.com/product-p/83238.htm

For School:
Camera System: Cisco Meraki or Verkada or any camera system which is stored on the camera which helps to stop high bandwidth usage.  (Meraki cameras; less than 50kbps & Verkada  run at 5-20kbps)
Inventory Software: School Asset Manager https://www.schoolassetmanager.com/
Security Check: LobbyGuard  https://frontdesk.lobbyguard.com/AccountUser/LogOn
Door Lock System: infinias Intelli-M
*Filtering: iBoss, GoGuardian Admin (for Chromebook management)
Classroom Management: NetSupport
Chromebook Management: GoGuardian Teacher (for Chromebook)
TV Screen Management: RiseVision

If you're using powerschool:
Parent Automatic Phone Call: Swift K 12 (Alert Solutions)
Lunch Pay Money for Parents: e-Funds for School
Tardy Students sync with Powerschool: School Check In https://www.schoolcheckin.com/
Behavior Management (DPS): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zg8Fo5xRDwg

Check the partners list before making a decision.


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