WIDA Testing

First, you should have access to WIDA ASSESSMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. https://www.drcedirect.com/all/eca-portal-ui/welcome/WIDA

Once you login, you need to download Testing Site Manager (TSM) under All Applications>General Information>Technology Downloads.

Install it on a desktop. Please make sure that
  • Make it static IP.
  • This computer is a member of same VLAN as the student devices.
  • Firewall is disabled or give permission the app ?
  • The computer sleeping time should be NEVER.
  • If you use Cisco Meraki; the student WiFi should be allowed to LOCAL LAN. (Visit http://www.myiteducation.org/2018/04/mcas-proctorcache-setup.html for more info.)
After installation; Go to localhost:8080 on the TSM computer. You will see TSM Server Domain on it. This part is important. You will need it on WIDA portal.

On WIDA portal; Go All Applications>Device Toolkit. Choose WIDA; For the site choose your school. When you start to type your school name, it will show up. 

Choose your school then go Configurations> Location. Scroll down and change the chrarecters after https:// before - (dash icon) Then update configuration.

Check the kiosk app on the Chromebook. Open the kiosk app and press Check icon on the app. It will ask you a code which is 7745. Everything should be green.

To Install WIDA kiosk app from Chrome Webstore:
Open G Suite Admin panel. GO App Management from Device Management. Install it by using Specify a Custom App. It will not show up in Chrome Web store.

You can find ID&URL info from your WIDA online portal. ( All Aplications> General Information>Technology Downloads; Check "Online Assessments ID + Online Assessments Application URL"

To make your school access code to default access code; WIDA online portal > All Application > Device Toolkit > Click on your school > Deployment; Click on the "Create Deployment Configuration" then "Save". You will have a zip file in your downloads. There is a json in the zip file. Upload it to G Suite Admin Panal>.....> App Management.

P.S. I did not change anything on Sonicwall.

Please note that if you use Meraki and if your SSID's "Client IP assignment" (Wireless>Addressing and Traffic) is NAT mode, the client computer can't see the proctor cache since Meraki gave IP by itself, so the proctor and client computers won't be at the same VLAN.


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