Microsoft Server Q&A

Q: What is difference between Reverse Lookup Zone and Forward Lookup Zone?
A:  Forward Lookup Zone  --converts--Name to IP resolution
      Reverse Lookup Zone --converts-- IP to Name resolution

P:When you run NSlookup, you sometimes get, "DNS Request 2 second Timed Out" Error.
S: I disable IPv6 on server computer and it is fixed

Q:How to insert security certificate by using GPO. You may need it for installing iBoss certificate.
A: Check the link below.

P:Once we try to connect computer to AD server, It gives "XXXX.local" AD couldn't be contacted.
S: I correct the time and time zone on the computer. Make sure the default DNS server on DHCP settings is local DNS server.

P: I added a new staff to AD but iBoss couldn't see the new staff.
S:Once we create a new staff under "Staff" folder, the iBOSS takes it as a staff group. But if we do not add this staff under User>>Staff, the GPO doesn't be applied so, iBOSS certificate doesn't be loaded on client's computer.


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