1st thing to do for IT problem

In this blog, I would like to share my some experience about educational technologies.
My biggest experience is related rebooting IT devices. You maybe find it funny but it takes 3 years for me to learn it. If you experience any technical issue on computer, iphone, ipad, chromebook; please restart it first. It will work if the problem was a glitch.

If you believe God, don't forget to pray for the solutions. I have some issues which I can't fix three days. But after praying, I found solution quickly. Maybe, you can find this comment as unprofessional but it is what it is. 😊

I can summarize my solution way as below:
  1. PRAY :)
  2. See problem what it is, ignore what you heard.
  3. Restart!
  4. Go step by step. (Is there any power?, cables are fine? )
  5. Try with another device. OR clear your device cache
  6. GOLDEN Rule: ASK GOOGLE or YouTube
  7. Call tech support of company!


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