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Good morning everyone,
Hope you will a great day! Today I want to share my experience about filter. I use several filter softwares at my schools. To me, the best one is iBoss filter. You can block by category, website url, and categories. Also, it has a beautiful reports section. The support team is very helpful.

Here are some problems and solutions which I experienced before.
  • How to Reboot iBOSS;Preferences>>System Settings>> Reboot button
  • Restrict Google servers for only abcdecharter.org; Controls>Social Media>Restrict Google Services Domains
  • WhilteList (Domain Bypassing) Preferences>>User Settings>>Global User Settings
  • If the ssl decryption is not ON, keyword blocking works on only non-ssl websites.
  • Don't FORGET TO CLEAR your device cache after changing settings in IBOSS!
  • For better filtering, QUIC ports should be blocked! (disabling safe search) Otherwise, some words can bypass on Google search. You can close QUIC ports on iBoss or Google admin console.
    On Google Admin Console: Device management>>Chrome>>User Settings; Network; QUIC Protocol
    On iBoss: Controls>>Ports (Please see the picture below.)

  • Once you have SSL decryption; some websites such as YouTube might be slow. To make it faster you need go Diagnostics>Proxy SMP Support. (Please see the picture below.)

Note: Do not hesitate to call iBoss support center, they are really helpful.

Q: The YouTube is blocked for students. However, the videos on Khan Academy are embed from YouTube.
A: Add youtube-nocookie.com in allow list with priority. Also check   https://khanacademy.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001113931-What-should-I-do-if-YouTube-is-blocked-for-my-district-

For school; Don't forget to do following on the G Suite.
  • Turn off task manager.  (Esc + Search)  [Device management > Chrome > User Settings]
  • Turn off the external storage devices such as usb. [Device management > Chrome > User Settings]
  • Block Terminal-Crosh.  (Ctrl + Alt + T) chrome-extension://nkoccljplnhpfnfiajclkommnmllphnl/html/crosh.html   [URL Blocking; Device management > Chrome > User Settings]
See the following article for more details.

Q: I am not student but the iBoss behave me as I am student.
A: Clear cache. (Tools) And check your computer under Groups>Dynamic Devices (Show Search > Click on My IP button.) And delete frpm there.


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