Google Sheet Formula Samples

You will see some formula samples below. Please think what they mean. If you have any questions related any of them, please write them in in the comments.


QUERY(ImportRange("1qchEnmIzpT9zP82hTJCPEgKIADb-j2Obci7X-PUkLa4/edit#","Form Responses 1!A:N"), "Select Col13,Col4,Col5,Col6,Col7,Col9 where Col11='APPROVED' order by Col6 desc")

QUERY(Home_Visit!A:N, "select * where ( E='' or F='' or G='' or H='' ) and (I!='' or J!='' or K!='') and ( toDate(now() ) > E) ")

query(Main!1:1223,"select B, E, I, M, N, O where H contains '"&C3&"' and D contains '"&D3&"' and E contains '"&E3&"' order by B asc ",1)

QUERY('Lesson Plan'!A69:B215, "select * where A contains '"&C3&"' ")


ARRAYFORMULA( COUNTIFS($B$2:B,G2, DAYS360($C$2:C,$D$2:D)-2, ">0"))



query(AddCourse!$A:$C,"select B where C matches """&F1&"""",0)


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